Documents de travail

1999 - 2004


04-07: O. Gossner
Ability and Knowledge

04-06: M. Lafourcade, G. Mion
Concentration, Spatial Clustering and the Size of Plants: Disentangling the Sources of Co-location externalities

04-05: P.P. Combes, M. Lafourcade
Transport Costs: Measures, Determinants, and Regional Policy Implications for France

04-04: P.P. Combes, M. Lafourcade, T. Mayer
The Trade Creating Effects of Business and Social Networks: Evidence from France

04-03: O. Gossner, T. Tomala
Secret Correlation in Repeated Games with Imperfect Monitoring

04-02: M. Gaudry, E. Quinet
Rail Track Wear-and-Tear Costs by Traffic Class in France

04-01: P.P. Combes, G. Duranton, L. Gobillon
Spatial Wage Disparities: Sorting matters!


03-06: P.P. Combes, H. Overman
The Spatial Distribution of economic activities in the European Union

03-05: P.P. Combes, T. Magnac, J.M. Robin
The Dynamics of Local Employment in France

03-04: P.P. Combes, G. Duranton
Labour Pooling, Labour Poaching, and Spatial Clustering (version révisée du 01-03)

03-03: P.P. Combes, L. Linnemer
Where are the Economists who Publish? Publication Concentration and Rankings in Europe based on Cumulative Publications

03-02: A. Lambert-Mogiliansky, S. Zamir, H. Zwirn
Type Indeterminacy: A Model of the KT(Kahneman-Tversky)-man

03-01: E. Paluzie, J. Pons, D.A. Tirado
Industrial agglomerations and wage gradients: the Spanish economy in the interwar period


02-10: P.P. Combes, M. Lafourcade
Transport Costs, Geography and Regional Inequalities (version révisée du n° 01-01)

02-09: P.P. Combes, M. Lafourcade, T. Mayer
Can Business and Social Networks Explain the Border Effect Puzzle?

02-08: A. Bassanini, J. Pouyet
Strategic Choice of Financing Systems in Regulated and Interconnected Industries

02-07: J.-J. Laffont, J. Pouyet
The Subsidiarity Bias in Regulation

02-06: J. Pouyet, V. Verouden
Antitrust Enforcement Policy and Markets Interaction: Targeted or Concerted Interventions?

02-05: B. Caillaud, B. Jullien
Chicken & Egg: Competition among Intermediation Service Providers

02-04: B. Caillaud, C. Mezzetti
Equilibrium Reserve Prices in Sequential Ascending Auctions

02-03: D. Ettinger
Efficiency in auctions with crossholdings

02-02: D. Ettinger
Auctions and shareholdings

02-01: F. Gilli
Vertically linked industries and the monocentric city


01-08: M. Fugazza
Search Bonuses and Hiring Subsidies: A Theoretical Comparative Analysis

01-07: N. M. Fiess, M. Fugazza, W. Maloney
The Informal Sector, Nominal Rigidities, and Real Exchange Rates

01-06: M. Fugazza
Search Bonuses: An Alternative to Declining Unemployment Benefits?

01-05: M. Fugazza
Labor Market Institutions, Taxation and The Underground Economy

01-04: T.Tabuchi, J.F. Thisse
Taste heterogeneity, labor mobility and economic geography

01-03: P.Ph. Combes, G. Duranton
Labor Pooling, Labor Poaching, and Spatial Clustering

01-02: J. Cavaihes, D. Peeters, E. Sekeris, J.F. Thisse
La ville périurbaine

01-01: P.Ph. Combes, M. Lafourcade
Transportation Costs Decline and Regional Inequalities: Evidence from France


00-18: P. Jehiel, J.F. Thisse
Lobbying in Public Decision Making

00-17: A. Calvo Armengol
Stable and Efficient Bargaining Networks

00-16: O. Compte, A. Lambert-Mogiliansky, T. Verdier
Corruption and Competition in Public Market Auctions

00-15: B. Caillaud, J. Tirole
Essential Facility Financing and Market Structure

00-14: B. Caillaud, B. Jullien
Competing Cybermediaries

00-13: A. Calvo Armengol, A. Cabrales, M. O. Jackson
La Crema: A Case Study of Mutual Fire Insurance

00-12: A. Calvo Armengol
On Bargaining Partner Selection When Communication is Restricted

00-11: A. Calvo Armengol
Bargaining with Stochastic Pairwise Meetings: Application to a Decentralized Market

00-10: M. Fujita, J. F. Thisse
Agglomeration and Market Interaction

00-09: A. Lambert-Mogiliansky, C. Sonin, and E. Zhuravskaya
Capture of Bankruptcy : Theory and Evidence from Russia

00-08: A. Lambert-Mogiliansky
Corruption and Networks : Why do firms pay occasional bribes?

00-07: K. Head, T. Mayer, J. Ries
On the Pervasiveness of Home Market Effects

00-06: A. Calvo-Armengol
Job Contact Networks

00-05: A. Calvo-Armengol, Y. Zenou
Job Matching, Social Network and Word-of-Mouth Communication

00-04: P.Ph. Combes, L. Linnemer
La publication d’articles de recherche en Economie en France, une approche par les Citations

00-03: K. Diaw, J. Pouyet
Tax Competition Between Asymmetrically Informed Governments

00-02: A. Bassanini, J. Pouyet
Access Pricing for Interconnected Vertically Separated Industries

00-01: G. Ottaviano, J.-F. Thisse
On Economic Geography in Economic Theory : increasing returns and pecuniary Externalities


99-15: A. Calvo Armengol, Y. Zenou
The importance of market integration in horizontal product differentiation

99-14:  D. Baudewyns
Spatial Competition within Urban Areas : Hotelling and Bertrand Reconciled

99-13: P.Ph. Combes, L. Linnemer
La publication d’articles de recherche en Economie en France

99-12: Jan K. Brueckner, Y. Zenou
Space and Unemployment : The Labor-Market Effects of Spatial Mismatch

99-11:T.E. Smith, Y. Zenou
A discrete-time stochastic model of job Matching

99-10: P. Jehiel
Predicting by Analogy and Limited Foresight in Games

99-09: P. Jehiel, B. Moldovanu
Efficient Design with Interdependent Valuations

99-08: H. Selod, Y. Zenou
Education in South African Cities under and after Apartheid

99-07: R. Benabou
Tax and Education Policy in a Heterogenous Agent Economy :What levels of Redistribution Maximize Growth and Efficiency ?

99-06: P.-Ph. Combes
Marshall-Arrow-Romer Externalities and City Growth : A Comment on Glaeser et al. [1992] and Henderson et al. [1995]

99-05: G. I. P. Ottaviano, J.-F. Thisse
Monopolistic Competition, Multiproduct Firms and Optimum Product Diversity

99-04: Y. Zenou, N. Boccard
Racial Discrimination and Redlining in Cities

99-03: M. Jellal, J-F Thisse, Y. Zenou
Demand Uncertainty, Mismatch, and (Un)employment. A Microeconomic Approach

99-02: D. Baudewyns
Spatial Agglomeration and Urban Structure :A model of Price-Interactions among Firms,
Input Suppliers, Property Developers and Households

99-01: A. Calvo Armengol
Bargaining Power in Communication Networks