Course: International Trade, Licence Paris I

Cours Economie géographique : aspects inter et intra-nationaux Master 2 Economie Internationale Paris 1: Syllabus

Cours: commerce international, École Polytechnique (Eco 553)

PC: Macroéconomie, Ecole Polytechnique 2ème année, majeure

Course: International Trade, joint with Farid Toubal

THE COURSE SCHEDULE IS NOW: Monday 12-2PM in Amphi 2B (Panthéon) and then from 3PM to 4PM in Amphi Descartes (Sorbonne)

       - Syllabus of the course

 - Review sessions exercises (in English) 

In French:le corrigé du partiel de septembre 2003; le corrigé du partiel de juin 2004; le corrigé du partiel de septembre 2004 en pdf  ; le corrigé du partiel de juin 2005 en pdf

Transparents and other documents (we have also put the French version of last year transparents however they are not an exact translation as some of the course contents  have changed)

        - 1) Course introduction, a brief history of globalisation and the balance of payments (last year transparents in French + chroniques - Katrina, vague de choc mondial  sept 2005) K&O chapter 2 and 12

         documents: - " Two Waves of Globalisation: Superficial Similarities, Fundamental Differences ", Richard Badwin, et P. Martin, NBER working paper 6904. Published in Globalization and Labor, edited by H. Siebert, 1999. p 3-58. +- WORLD TRADE 2004, PROSPECTS FOR 2005, WTO 

        - 2) Ricardian model, comparative advantage, wages and gains from trade (last year transparents in French) K&O chapter3

        - 3+4) HOS model, inequalities and international trade + empirics (last year transparents in French + chronique Pas de globalisation sans outils de compensation, sept 2004) K&O chapter 4

        - 5) Standard model of trade, terms of trade, the impact of CAP on developing countries, the impact of China on industrialized countries (last year transparents in French + -chronique  Agriculture, les aides pipées apr 2005 + chronique Compétitivité à la chinoise  feb. 2005) K&O chapter 5

An empirical study on the link between industrialized countries agricultural policies and poverty in developing countries

        - 6)  Migration + capital movements and multinational firms K&O chapter 7

        - 7) Imperfect competition, economies of scale: the case of European integration ( last year transparents in French)  K&O chapter 6

        - 8) economic geography, location and delocation ( last year transparents in French + chroniqueDivergences turques déc. 2004)

        - 9) Market failures and trade  (last year transparents in French + chronique Délocaliser pour respirer, may 2004)

The World Investment Report 2004 de la CNUCED on Foreign Direct Investments

         - 9 bis) The gravity equation: the empirical determinants of trade flows (last year transparents in French + chronique Un village pas si global, jan.2004) K&O chapter 2 

       - 10) Trade policies: tariffs and quotas  (last year transparents in French)  K&O chapter 8

        - 11) International trade negotiations (last year transparents in French + chronique OMC, La France agricole freine, décembre 2005 - Agriculture, les aides pipées avril 2005) parts of K&O chapter 9

        - 12) Political economy + regional trade integrationlast year transparents in French)  

        - 13) the case of European integration (last year transparents in French)

       - 13bis) Industrial policies and strategic trade policies in developed countries: the Airbus versus Boeing case (last year transparents in French) K&O chapter 11


Cours: COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL (Ecole Polytechnique)

- 1ère séance: les avantages comparatifs

- 2 ème séance: HOS, les dotations factorielles, commerce international et inégalités

- 3 ème séance: Commerce et économies d'échelle. Les politiques commerciales

corrigé examen mars 2005