École des Ponts business school

Since 1987, École des Ponts ParisTech’s MBA programs, entirely taught in English, have been training managers and leaders for the highest performing companies. Today, all graduates receive a double degree, which boosts the power of their networks and their international employability.



Ranked world No.1 by CEO Magazine and IGF

The professors invited to teach on the programs are key to the model of excellence developed by École des Ponts Business School:

they come from the most prestigious universities around the world. This was highlighted by the International Graduate Forum (IGF) in its MBA ranking published for CEO Magazine.

On the basis of a survey conducted with students and graduates, the quality of the educational experience in the classroom emerged as the key strength of the programs. École des Ponts Business School was placed top of this ranking this year, not just in Europe, but in the world.

Creating value for professionals and their employers. 

The MBA programs are designed specifically for managers wishing to move into positions of responsibility, into a new business sector, or to give an international focus to their career. Always keen to create ever more value for professionals and their employers, École des Ponts Business School is constantly reinventing itself. For example, for the first time in Europe, a design thinking course was incorporated into the MBA, in partnership with the Paris d.school at École des Ponts. Participants also benefit from advances in the technologies of education, such as MOOCs or online workshops that bring together participants from all over the world. Since 2013, thanks to study trips to Silicon Valley, MBA participants have had the opportunity to learn and speak directly with the heads of some of the world’s most innovative companies. In terms of individual development, the School has also rethought its career program and introduced personalized coaching.

The partner companies highlight the unique nature of the vision that inspires the École des Ponts Business School MBA: while most business schools undoubtedly take into account the phenomena associated with globalization, there are few that teach how technological progress and innovation can fundamentally transform company performance and economic balances.

NEW: Pass on your expertise with the Executive DBA des Ponts

This new Executive Doctor in Business Administration program is designed for senior executives, whether in work or not, who would like to formalize and share the experience they have built up over their careers. In particular, it is a way:

  • To obtain further expertise by relating it to theoretical foundations and through targeted research;
  • To make progress in managerial practices by providing solutions to the current challenges facing businesses.

► The Executive DBA

Paris Centre – part-time – 2 years 

  • 4 methodology modules and one “Innovation Lab” to define your doctoral practice
  • One pool of recognized research directors, unrivalled in the diversity of their fields of expertise and international mix  
  • An innovative thesis format, oriented towards professional practice

► Le Solvay Ponts Global Executive MBA with Fox

Paris Centre + one week in Philadelphia
Part-time, one weekend a month for 18 months

Accredited by AACSB and AMBA – ranked 58th in the world by the Financial Times

  • European and American degree with the Fox School of Business, Temple University, USA
  • A balance between working life, family life, and study
  • A program of individual coaching to support your ambitions

► NEW IN 2017: The Specialist Executive MBA

Paris, part-time, one weekend a month for 18 months

  • Executive MBA in Smart Cities
  • Executive MBA in Railway & Mass Transit Management

► Full-Time MBA in Innovation Management

Paris & Brussels – full-time, one year

Accredited by AMBA and Equis

  • A degree awarded by École des Ponts ParisTech and the Solvay Brussels School, run between Paris and Brussels and, but also internationally
  • A focus on innovation and technology management
  • A professional booster through the career advancement program

► Certificate in International Management

Designed for engineering students, in particular those in ParisTech member schools, this certificate program enables them to combine their technical knowledge with managerial skills. It runs on one weekend a month.





For more information, to discuss your E-DBA or MBA plan, or else to attend a trial class, contact:
Kataline Boubet
Tél. : + 33 (0) 1 64 15 22 12