CERMICS - Center for Teaching and Research in Mathematics and Scientific Calculus


CERMICS is an École des Ponts ParisTech laboratory, hosting shared project teams with INRIA and Université de Marne-la-Vallée.

The laboratory is involved in a wide spectrum of activities in applied mathematics, which are notably distinguished by the combined study of deterministic and stochastic models  and their theoretical and numerical aspects. 

It is organized into three axes:

  1. Modeling, analysis, and simulation of mathematical methods for materials science and mechanics;
  2. Optimization and systems for stochastic optimization and operational research;
  3. Applied probabilities for risk modeling and numerical methods.


► Cermics is attached to the MSTIC Doctoral School (in french)

► Cermics is a member of SMAI (Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics)

► Since 2011, Cermics had taken part in the Labex Bézout - Models and Algorithms: from discrete to continuous at the interface between mathematics and computer science.(in french)

► Since 2012, Cermics has taken part in the Labex MMCD - Modeling & Experimentation for Sustainable Construction