Learning centre

Le Learning centre des Ponts est ouvert à tout public du lundi au mercredi, de 9h à 22h et du jeudi au vendredi, de 9h à 20h jusqu'au 28 avril 2017. L'emprunt des documents est réservé aux membres de l'École et à ses partenaires. La consultation sur place est ouverte à tous. Le Learning centre des Ponts fermera ses portes du 2 mai au 20 octobre 2017 pour travaux.

Closed for refurbishment from May 2 to October 20, 2017

The Learning Centre is being upgraded to provide a better service, and will be closed for refurbishment from May 2 to October 20, 2017.

We therefore advise all students, teachers, and researchers at the School to borrow twice as many documents during the period of closure (i.e. 20 documents per student and 30 documents per teacher/researcher). This is called the “refurbishment loan”.

The service will continue during the refurbishment work

Students, teachers, and researchers at the School will continue to have access to documentary resources and personalized services throughout the period of refurbishment.

Access to documentary resources
  • a library counter is open in M101 (Maupertuis Wing, 1st floor) every day from 11 AM to 2 PM, starting from May 15. Students will be able to borrow a selection of manuals and reference books, and will have access to computer terminals for electronic resources
  • 12,000 e-books and 15,000 scientific journals can be accessed remotely via the “Electronic resources“ section of the document portal or via the Researcher page
  • 1000 documents from the legacy collection can be accessed on the Digital legacy library
  • documents from the collection and archives can still be consulted by appointment, despite the closure.
  • To access documents from the collection, contact: fondsancien@enpc.fr and go to the “History & Heritage” page.
  • For archives, contact: archives@enpc.fr and go to the “Archives” page.
Guide & conseils   

Guidance & Advice

  • a chat service with instant answers to your questions is available on the document portal and the Researcher page
  • personalized assistance is provided by the relevant archivists in the faculty departments and the laboratories:

GCC, GMM : marie-laure.pare@enpc.fr
1A, IMI, SEGF, DFL et MBA : florence.rieu@enpc.fr
VET, SHS : jeanne.lamarquette@enpc.fr
GI, d.school : brunilde.renouf@enpc.fr
Masters et mastères : delphine.du-pasquier@enpc.fr
LEESU, CEREA, CIRED, HM&CO : frederique.bordignon@enpc.fr
CERMICS, Navier, LIGM : romain.boistel@enpc.fr
LVMT, Latts, LHSV : delphine.du-pasquier@enpc.fr

To find out more
  • about the partner libraries on the campus, go to the Hours & Contacts page 
  • about the refurbishment work, you can follow us on twitter, @BibdesPonts, and on Pinterest, BibdesPonts.
  • about the project itself and the application of the design thinking approach: http://www.enpc.fr/dlib-0

Les ressources

without service interruption

15,000 journals
21 databases
12,000 e-books
2000 student assignments

By appointment
without service interruption

80,000 documents from the legacy collections
1000 linear meters of administrative and private archives
Collections of objects (busts, pictures, scientific instruments, etc.)