Masters in Durability of Energy-Related Materials and Structures (DMSE)

This program was designed in partnership with EDF R&D and Université Pierre et Marie Curie. It is funded by EDF and reflects a desire on the part of actors in the energy industry to design more durable structures, or for challenging environments (e.g. offshore wind farms). They also want to be able to tackle the ageing of the infrastructures used to produce energy (mainly pressurized-water reactors and dams). 

EDF provides scholarships for students who follow this program (maximum amount €10,000). These scholarships can be accessed via the Pierre Ailleret fund.


The aim of this program is to train people to the highest scientific level, to be able to tackle the problems of the durability of future installations and the strengthening of existing facilities:

  • Design of new durable structures for the energy sector, for example offshore wind turbines.
  • Analysis of ageing energy infrastructures. Introduction of reinforcement processes where necessary. Main infrastructures concerned: Pressurized-water reactors and dams


Many of the instructors come from the research and development departments of big energy companies. This means that program is closely aligned with the concerns of the energy sector. Students are therefore well placed to think about future careers. They also have the opportunity to build up a professional network.

Career Opportunities

The openings on this Masters program are focused around the energy sector. EDF is naturally one of the main employers. In particular, it offers PhD funding.

This Masters program prepares students for careers in research centers and university laboratories, but also for research and development in companies, as well as engineering roles in design offices.


This Masters is entirely taught through French. 
For more information and to apply, please visit our French website