Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science


In their second year, engineering students can choose to join the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Department. Objective: to become research engineers or design engineers for the development of new products and materials, particularly in the energy and transportation sectors.

Benefits of the program

  • A solid understanding of the concepts and tools of continuum mechanics under transformation;
  • A pedagogical approach that emphasizes teamwork and action learning;
  • Close contact with engineers in industry;
  • Close contact with research.

Different possibilities offered in the third year

  • Third-year engineering program at École des Ponts ParisTech
  • Masters in Multiscale Approaches for Materials and Structures (AMMS)
  • Masters in Materials Science for Sustainable Construction (SMCD)
  • Masters in Sustainability of Energy-Related Materials and Structures (DMSE)
  • Masters in Energy, with a specialism in decommissioning and waste management (MNE-DWM, taught in English)
  • Third year in a partner institution (France)
  • Third year abroad


The mechanical engineering and materials science program provides a core curriculum in the 2nd year and specializations in the 3rd year.

Program structure

The programs taught in the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Department include compulsory classes, exposure weeks, and elective courses.

The compulsory classes are divided into three groups

  • Core curriculum classes (e.g. introduction to law, management, languages…) which aim to give you the basics needed by today’s engineers.
  • Classes in GMM: The emphasis is placed on modelling and the big fields of mechanical engineering (fluids, structures and materials) together with Eco-design.
  • Exposure weeks are organized with contributions from experts, professionals, and researchers in the fields of materials, R&D, and design. Trips and visits to companies are also organized. 

A choice of elective courses delivered by the GMM Department or other departments will help you to combine your knowledge of a domain of application with a familiarity with crosscutting tools.

The programs

  • Two-year Masters program
  • Integrated further program for “polytechniciens and normaliens civils”:
  • Engineer or project engineer
  • Nuclear engineering program
  • Research in mechanical engineering and materials science
  • Research in materials science for sustainable construction
  • Integrated further program for élèves du corps (military engineers): the latter group follows the same program as its civilian counterpart, adapted to reflect the specific needs of the military.

Breakdown of classes 

Classes are balanced to meet the objectives of MIMS training: 

  • Management sciences: 25%
  • Mechanical engineering: 50% (Fluids, Structures, Materials – metals, polymers, technical ceramics, composite materials, nanomaterials)
  • Projects – design: 25%

Career opportunities

This program prepares students for potential highflying positions in industry and the state sector, requiring strong scientific and technical capacities in the research, development, and design of new products and materials.

Research engineer or design engineer

It provides access to a first job as a research or design engineer in the mechanical engineering domain. It lays the foundations for eco-focused design and emphasizes the responsibilities of design engineers with regard to sustainable development issues.

Senior executives

It provides a springboard for fast track promotion towards positions heading major projects or industrial programs, such as the design of a new vehicle at one of the big car manufacturers or the development of a new material in a major global industry in the sector. This in turn could lead to a career as an international expert or senior executive in such companies.


Head of the Department
Tel. :

Frédéric TAYEB
Academic director
Tel. :

Sandrine CALVARY
Inspector of studies
Tel. : 01 64 15 39 52

Josiane NIETO
Teaching assistant
Tel. : 01 64 15 39 70