Studying at the School

Students from abroad can come and study at École des Ponts ParisTech to obtain a degree (engineering degree, Masters degree, or PhD) or on a non-degree study exchange.

  • Applying for a Graduate degree

    The engineering degree program at École des Ponts ParisTech combines advanced scientific and technical education, a project and field based approach to learning, the acquisition of managerial, human, and social skills, and finally preparation for teamwork and international employment.
  • Non-degree exchange students

    Non-degree exchange students École des Ponts ParisTech admits international students (“interns”) under agreements with numerous educational institutions.
  • Scholarships and mobility grants

    École des Ponts ParisTech is a part of the Erasmus + program and of the “international credit mobility” framework granted by the European Commission, which supports our exchange programs with some of our partners outside Europe.
  • Services for international students

    Toutes les prestations liées à l'accueil et à l'intégration des étudiants internationaux à l’École des Ponts ParisTech